Marcin Erdmann

Marcin has been developing in Groovy since 2010. Currently based in London, he passionately believes in the idea of Open Source Software and has a strong need to give back to the community whenever possible. That’s why he’s proud to be the current project lead of Geb, a Groovy Browser automation library and a committer to Ratpack. He also contributed to many open source projects in the Groovy ecosystem over the years and he enjoys going to conferences both as an attendee and a speaker -that’s where you will find him with a pint of good beer in hand engaged in lengthy discussions on how to make software development process and quality better.

He believes that software should not only work, but it also has to be beautiful under the hood’, maintainable, well-tested and have a clean and consistent codebase. And he can’t imagine coding without doing TDD anymore…

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