Schalk Cronjé

Schalk Cronjé’s experience in the software industry spans three decades and has performed most roles in software delivery. He believes that both software engineering and craftsmanship is important for the industry and that both disciplines should be taught to achieve holism in technology delivery. He also understands that there is a strong relationship between the modern software techniques that are used and the signature skills of people and these should be aligned for effective delivery. He is also a strong advocate of using systems thinking, holistic stakeholder analysis and impact mapping. He keeps his technical skills fit by frequent contributions to various open-source projects. He is the creator of Groovy-VFS as well a maintainer of various Gradle plugins including for JRuby, GMake, Doxygen and more. He is a regular speaker on various software delivery techniques in the UK, USA, India and South Africa. He currently serves as a steering committee member of the Agile Testing Alliance. He is also the author of “Idiomatic Gradle: 25 recipes for plugin authors” and is curretnly working on Vol 2.

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